Educational Consultants India Ltd.
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Educational Consultants India Ltd


Indian education has for long been identified with quality and value for money. With the added advantage of moderate cost of living, India is an attractive choice for international students seeking educational opportunities outside their geographic boundaries.


The web site is an effort in promoting Indian Education and it aims to provide relevant information for the international student community  about educational opportunities available here, the strengths of Indian education system, Ed.CIL services in placing international students and information about coming to India.


Educational Consultants India Ltd. (Ed.CIL) is a Public Sector Enterprise under the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India, offering consultancy and technical services in all areas of Education and Human Resource Development on a global basis.


Ed.CIL areas of consultancy services are:


v      International Student Placement

v      Technical Assistance
In Education Sector
In Diversified Areas of Social Sector

         -  Health

         -  Agriculture

         -  Women & Child Development

         -  Rural Development

         -  Culture  

v     Training and Management

v      Secondment of Faculty & Experts

v      Institutional Development & Construction Management

v      Testing

v      Procurement

v      Logistics & Support Services   




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